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My New Coloring Book Journal is now available!!!

Hello Coloring Book Enthusiasts, Club members and First-Time Visitors!


I am so blessed to share with you today that my very first coloring book journal in “The Joys of Coloring Book Series” which I authored entitled: “The Joys  of Coloring: Inspiring Words and Meditative Bible Verses { A Coloring Journal for Grown-Ups } Volume 1” is finally finished, approved and published by the grace of God…and is now available at the Createspace.com eStore( an Amazon Company) and it will be available at the Amazon.com bookstore and Amazon Europe within 3-5 business days from yesterday’s date plus it will also be distributed to online channels and retailers within 6-8 weeks,  so just watch out for it!😀

Please Click the Link below to check it out:

The Joys of Coloring: Inspiring Words and Meditative Bible Verses { A Coloring Journal for Grown-Ups } Volume 1

This is an inspirational coloring book journal for coloring books and coloring pages enthusiasts and for those who love art journaling or even beginners in coloring and journaling.

This book has a lot of meat in it!  It has both simple to intricate design illustrations plus inspiring words and bible verses in it for you to color in and meditate on.

It also has a corresponding journal page after every inspiring word and meditative bible verse…every page is a coloring page in this journal!

It has a “Bonus Prayer Coloring Page” on the last page of the book.

Coloring and Journaling are great ways to relax, unwind and enjoy one’s time therapeutically most especially after a hard day’s work or a busy lifestyle!

As you color the pages, your mind and body relaxes as you focus on the coloring  design illustrations and do repetitive hand strokes/movements.

The words and verses on every coloring page give you inspiration and encouragement. Each word and each bible verse help you to write your thoughts and reflect about them and this helps you to journal from within and have that quiet time with God.

Please follow the instructions inside the book on how to get started so you can get all the benefits that you would need in this Coloring Book Journal!

I invite you now to kindly ” click the link ” above to check my new book and I pray that this will inspire you, encourage you and help you to have a time of relaxation and meditation through words and scripture art journaling and coloring!

Just “Color. Relax. Write. Meditate.”

Have fun and color away!!!

Please feel free to share your artwork here on this blog or you may email me at: jtvallejo@yahoo.com

God bless you!❤️

Coach Joyce